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Since 2010, we have created lasting memories for countless visitors from across the country.

We are the most preferred place to stay in Kemmanagundi with above 4 star ratings & thousands of reviews on Google & across all popular travel platforms in India.

100% Pristine. 100% Privacy. 100% Peace of Mind.

Spread over 2.8 acres of landscaped settings in the foothills of the scenic Kemmanagundi mountains and surrounded by lush fields and plantations, our resort in Kemmanagundi is designed for spending quality time with your near and dear ones.

Our private cottages are built within a large garden filled with hundreds of species of ferns, shrubs, flowers & trees.

It is a slice of tropical paradise with all the amenities of modern life.

Tariff That Couples, Families & Groups Love

Get the best of Kemmanagundi at a price that fits your budget. We offer different rate slabs to match your itinerary, needs and preferences.

If you are looking for anything specific, speak to us before booking so that we can tailor a plan just for you.

Our Kemmanagundi Resort Highlights

  • 23 spacious & private cottages
  • 2.8 acres of landscaped settings
  • Scenic & serene surroundings
  • Portico with arm chairs
  • Fridge & flatscreen TV
  • Portable Bose speakers
  • Free wi-fi
  • 24/7 hot & cold water
  • 24/7 power
  • Indoor games
  • Outdoor games play area
  • Designated bonfire area
  • Mountain bikes
  • North & South Indian food
  • Pick & drop facility

Top Tourist Places to Visit & Things to Do Nearby Kemmanagundi

Kemmanagundi Falls
Take a selfie. Take a dip. Take a piece of Hebbe with you forever.



  1. Hebbe Falls – 24 kms
  2. Shanti Falls – 20 kms
  3. Kallathigiri Falls – 3 kms
  4. Honnamma Falls – 60 kms
  5. Manikyadhara Falls – 79 kms
  6. Jhari or Buttermilk Falls – 67 kms
Kemmanagundi temple
Pay your respect. Pay your homage. Pay back what you owe to your history.


Historic Temples

  1. Shiva Temple – 5 kms
  2. Amruthapura Temple – 40 kms
  3. Belur & Halebid Temples – 80 kms
Kemmanagundi wildlife sanctuary
Discover wilderness. Discover bio-diversity. Discover the natural you.


Parks & Sanctuaries

  1. Gangamoola Hill – 30 kms
  2. Muthodi Wildlife Sanctuary – 85 kms
  3. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary – 45 kms
  4. Kudremukh National Park – 80 kms
Kemmanagundi peak
View rolling valleys. View sunrises & sunsets. View geography in a new light.


Peaks & Valleys

  1. Z Point – 6 kms
  2. Baba Budangiri – 62 kms
  3. Mullayanagiri Peak – 58 kms
  4. Jagara Pass & Valley – 25 kms
  5. Kemmanagundi Peak/Raj Bhavan – 4 kms
Kemmanagundi attractions
Smell the roses. Sip in the culture. Explore the unexplored.


Other Places of Interest

  1. Rock Garden – 4 kms
  2. Rose Garden – 4 kms
  3. Coffee Museum – 66 kms 

  4. Jamalabad Fort – 150 kms
  5. Horticultural Research Center – 6 kms
  6. Kemmanagundi Adventure and Nature Camp – 5 kms

Create a Lifetime of Memories

There is so much to explore and experience in Kemmanagundi. A single visit just doesn’t cut it. That is why, thousands of visitors keep coming back to Kemmanagundi and back to our resort every year.

Go on a trek to spectacular peaks. Take a dip in beautiful waterfalls. Seek blessings for you and your loved ones at ancient holy temples. Hop on a safari to famous national reserves. Stroll through historic gardens & parks. Discover rich local heritage & traditions in museums. 

And after you get back from your ‘expeditions’, you can take a hot shower, chitchat around a bonfire, turn on your favourite music or play an indoor game with your loved ones. 

While we prepare warm meals with mouth-watering delicacies so that you can retire to a cozy cottage with comfortable beds and all modern luxuries for a well-deserved good night’s sleep. 

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    Travel Guide To Kemmanagundi

    History, Culture, and Essential Tips​

    Nestled in the Baba Budangiri Range of the Western Ghats in Karnataka, India, Kemmanagundi is a captivating hill station with a rich history and vibrant local culture. 

    The name Kemmanagundi or Kemmanugundi is derived from three Kannada words – Kempu meaning red, mannu meaning soil and gundi meaning pit. 

    Let’s briefly dive into the history and culture of Kemmanagundi with practical tips on what to wear and things to carry when exploring this scenic destination. 

    A Brief History of Kemmanagundi

    Kemmanagundi’s history is rooted in the early 20th century when it was established as a summer retreat by Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV of Mysore. Inspired by the British, the Maharaja sought to create a haven for respite from the plains’ heat. 

    The British horticulturist John Cameron played a pivotal role in developing Kemmanagundi, contributing to its landscapes, gardens, and charm. Since then, it is called the “Gardener’s Paradise”, and the region has evolved into a popular hill station, maintaining its allure through the years.

    Rich Local Culture and Traditions

    Kemmanagundi embraces the cultural tapestry of Karnataka. The local culture is a fusion of Kannada traditions, reflected in festivals, arts, and cuisine. Visitors can experience authentic local life by opting for homestays, providing insights into traditions, daily life, and local cuisine. The region is also influenced by the coffee plantations, which offer tours, providing a glimpse into the coffee-making process.

    The British horticulturist John Cameron played a pivotal role in developing Kemmanagundi, contributing to its landscapes, gardens, and charm. Since then, the region has evolved into a popular hill station, maintaining its allure through the years.

    Best Time to Visit Kemmanagundi

    The best time to visit Kemmanagundi is from September to May when the weather is pleasant. Winter (December to February) offers cool temperatures, adding a different charm to the landscapes.

    Monsoons (June to August) is also a good time to visit Kemmanagundi. It bring lush greenery but also heavy rainfall. While the waterfalls are in full swing, trekking could be a bit of an issue due to slippery slopes.

    What to Wear When Visiting Kemmanagundi

    1. Comfortable Clothing:

      • Lightweight, breathable fabrics for warmer months.
      • Long-sleeved shirts and pants for protection during outdoor activities.
    2. Trekking Gear:

      • Sturdy trekking shoes and moisture-wicking socks.
      • Dress in layers for trekking to adapt to changing temperatures.
    3. Weather-Appropriate Attire:

      • Check the weather forecast and pack accordingly.
      • Light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings.
    4. Rain Gear:

      • Lightweight, waterproof jacket or poncho for monsoon season.
      • Quick-drying clothing.
    5. Hat and Sunglasses:

      • Wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses for sun protection.

    Things to Carry When Exploring Kemmanagundi

    1. Water Bottle:

      • Stay hydrated, especially during outdoor activities.
    2. Sunscreen and Insect Repellent:

      • Protection against sun and insects.
    3. Backpack:

      • Handy for day trips and treks to carry essentials.
    4. First Aid Kit:

      • Basic medications and personal medications.
    5. Camera and Binoculars:

      • Capture the beauty and wildlife.
    6. Power Bank:

      • Ensure electronic devices stay charged.
    7. Reusable Bags:

      • Eco-friendly for carrying items.
    8. Local Map and Guidebook:

      • Useful in areas with limited connectivity.
    9. Cash:

      • Some places may have limited card or UPI acceptance due to network issues.
    10. Light Snacks:

      • Energy bars, nuts, or dried fruits for quick snacks.

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